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 Yoven Fashion is an initiative that aims to alleviate the burden in women's lives with the right clothing selection, comfortable and trendy clothes and to facilitate women's lives in this regard. Yoven Fashion currently only sells lingerie products. However, we will soon start selling products in other categories as well. We all encounter some problems in underwear products that we use in our daily lives. We can create loads for ourselves with the clothes we choose without knowing our bodies. This situation can cause our daily life to be negatively affected.


   We can start to overcome these negativities by paying attention that the clothes we wear are made of materials that do not harm my body and by choosing the clothes in the most suitable size for our body. With the Yoven Fashion initiative, women's clothing problems that vary from person to person were investigated. In order to overcome these problems, some criteria for the correct use of clothing have been identified. In line with these criteria, Yoven Fashion researches the most suitable underwear products for women from suppliers around the world and makes agreements with suppliers.


   With this product research, Yoven Fashion also aims for women to search the internet for the right one for them and find them in a short time. In this way, it enables you to save time from your daily life. Another issue we pay attention to is your satisfaction. We all encounter problems with our shopping from time to time. In order to be very sensitive about this, Yoven Fashion has set some policies for its suppliers. These policies are solution-oriented against possible problems.


   In line with all these components, we believe that we can make you happy and make your life easier by overcoming problems together.